Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The most wonderful thing about the Wii is all the things you can do on it to get active. With the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, there is a huge variety of games to help you get fit, especially with the Fit Plus. The games range from the more aerobic (like boxing or hula hoop) to the lighter balance games. The Fit can also track calories burned or activities you do off-Wii.

Outside the Wii Fit, there are many games and programs that can also get you moving on the Wii. There are dancing games such as Just Dance, DDR, and Zumba. There are interactive sports games, exercise programs like The Biggest Loser, and gym-based workouts like Gold's Gym Cardio. Any of these and others are great ways to work up a good sweat while still having a lot of fun!

How many of you have a Wii? Do you exercise with it? What's your favorite Wii exercise game?


Amy said...

OH, what a wonderful reminder :0) Now that I'm full into my training for a half-marathon PR, I really should think about doing some yoga via Wii! It's AMAZING how challenging yoga can be; holding those poses, staying centered...and breathing at the same time; definitely sounds easier than actuality (specially when a tad bit out-of-shape flexibility-wise).

Loving this challenge!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know the Wii had a yoga "game". We have a Wii but no fitness games for it. But we do have Wii Sport and that is active too.

We also have XBox Kinect and we're planning to buy one or two fitness games for it, that are coming out this fall.