Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're baaa-aaack!

Are you ready to walk? We are! We being Amanda and Jill. So we're going to resurrect the 100 Mile Challenge and we'd love it if you joined us! Here's how it works:

The nitty-gritty:
In order to complete this Challenge, you will need to “travel” 100 miles from July 1st through September 31st. You can certainly pledge to walk/exercise more, but 100 miles is the "entry-level" amount.

Here's how you calculate your mileage:
*Running or walking 1 mile outside or on a treadmill equals 1 mile.

*15 minutes of other workouts equals 1 mile (elliptical, swimming, weight lifting, workout video, workout classes, etc.).

A few "workout" stipulations:
“Workouts” only include activities specifically done for the purpose of exercise. Shopping, house cleaning, walking to and from the parking lot, and other day to day activities should not be included.

Partial miles travelled on different days cannot be combined. For example, if you run 1.25 miles on one day, and .75 mile on another day, that does not equal 2 miles. It counts as 1 mile.

Minutes accumulated on two different days cannot be combined. For example, if you workout 10 minutes one day and 5 minutes the next day, that does not combine to equal a mile.

1 mile on the bike or elliptical does not equal 1 mile, etc. Only walking/running is mile for mile.

Keeping track:
How do I report my miles to you? On Fridays we will put up a Progress Report. Once you report your total miles (please note: this should be your running total, not your total for the week...this time around, math is not included), then we will put your name in the sidebar with your total miles to date. Ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of your total mileage. We will only update the sidebar once a day, so please don't pester us if your name/mileage does not instantly appear!

Hey, wait a second!
Why can't partial miles or minutes be counted? Because when rules start bending then there's no stopping them from breaking. And Jill used to be a teacher, so stop arguing, or she'll give you more homework.

How do I sign up?
Just leave a comment below with the number of miles you are pledging to complete for the challenge and remember to comment every week with your total miles. And check in here for more fun and encouraging posts. do not need a blog to participate.

A few disclaimers:
1. We did not make up this challenge, and we don’t know where it originated from. And many thanks to Trish for starting this blog last year and letting us pick up where we all left off!
2. We do not guarantee that you will lose weight or win your marathon if you do this challenge.
3. As with any new exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure it's okay you participate.
4. We hope you’ll have fun and maybe get/provide some moral support by participating.
5. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask at any time!