Thursday, April 29, 2010

Progess Report #5 - April 23rd - 29th

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? Sorry that some of you have been sick or life has taken over your time. It is hard to keep a fitness routine up and going for a length of time isn't it? That is one of the things I like about this challenge - it is about the long haul. Each week contributes to the whole - and I hope develops better habits.

I personally struggle with taking time out to work out when we have company, and pretty much all spring we have had relatives here every other weekend. Now that we are on the 4th visit, I am getting better about it.

Update: My son and I ran the 5k last weekend and it was so fantastic. I thought he might hold me back (even though I hestiate to call what I do running), because we hadn't gotten many practice runs in for him. He was awesome, talking to me, challenging me to the next corner, etc. I wouldn't have done it any other way. He stayed with me the whole time (he's 8) and only sprinted away on the straightaway to the finish line. I finished in 42:30 and was very happy with that time. My goal is to get under 40 minutes before the summer. I did it on the treadmill today for the 1st time, so I am getting closer! I can't wait to run with my son again!

So in the comments, tell us about a victory you have had lately, or a new goal you have set so we can cheer you on (and of course, your miles). I can't wait to hear about what you all are accomplishing!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progess Report #4 - April 16th - 22nd

How is everyone doing?

Please report your "miles" for April 16th - April 22nd (Friday through Thursday). Please take a minute to make sure Jill has your correct total from last week.

Did you have any triumphs this week? Any hurdles to overcome?
What goals do you have for the upcoming week?
I accomplished increasing my miles - how about you?
If you have an update on your own blog leave your link in the comments below. (Be sure to also leave your miles in the comments so we don't have to track them down!) Take a minute to visit the other participants and cheer them on!
Hope everyone has a great week,
Allie and Jill

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Progess Report #3 - April 9th - 15th

Hi everyone!

Can't wait to hear how everyone is doing. Put your miles for the week in the comments and check the side bar to make sure we have your totals correct.

Do you have a post about your progress or something else you would like to share with the group? Please share that too!

I am on my last week of C25k this week and have 2 of my 3 thirty minute runs down. I have been writing a post in my head as a way to keep myself occupied while running. Can't wait to complete tomorrow and give you all the 4-1-1!

Have a great week everyone!

Allie and Jill

Monday, April 12, 2010

Something to think about...

Last month I started attending yoga. I signed up for a four week Intro to Yoga class, and I lucked out…there were only three people in the class, and I had a fantastic instructor. Now that I’ve finished with the Intro class, I’ve moved into a Beginner’s class with another instructor whose approach I really appreciate. So, I’m just a baby when it comes to yoga, but I’m definitely enjoying both the physical and mental aspects of the practice.

I wanted to share something that the instructor emphasized at my first class. It was quite thought provoking, and it’s something I keep returning to. In addition to warning us against comparing ourselves to the others in the class, Val said that we shouldn’t expect continuous improvement, either. For when we come to class, we bring all the worries and events of the day with us. While one week we might be able to touch our toes, the next week we might not. And that’s okay. We should concentrate on the present, and what our body can do at that moment. Which isn't to say that we shouldn't continue with our practice of yoga, or challenge ourselves to walk more miles, or consider taking up a new's just saying that if you could touch your toes/walk 5 miles/run a 5K yesterday and today you can't, don't beat yourself up about it. We all have off days, and your body won't be happy if you force it to do something it's not ready to do. And who knows...tomorrow you just might be able to touch those toes again! (And for the record, I still can't touch my toes.)

Also, at the end of each class, Val would also remind us to be grateful for our body and what it can do…as opposed to what it can’t do. It’s such a simple thought, but one that I had never really associated with exercise of any kind.

But I think it’s worth remembering, and I wanted to pass it on to you. As you go about your walking, or running, or whatever movement you choose this week, remember:

Be grateful for your body and what it can do.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Progess Report #2 - April 2nd - 8th

Are some of you wondering how this is the 2nd progress report? Never fear Jill will keep up with you, but we did start out with a mini challenge last week to start April out right with at least 1 mile. Some of you reported in, and others I am sure will combine with this week's report. All good. What we are striving for is movement, preferably forward movement, but really sideways or backwards would count too.

There are some serious challenges out there in the blogsphere. What I like about this one is that I can chose my level (200 miles in my case) and work out my pace. I won't make it with the effort I have put out this week, so I need to do some serious thinking. I did see someone ask for a post on the couch to 5k. I am just starting week 8 (out of 9 weeks) so will be happy to debrief in another week or so. 

Back to challenges. One that I have become aware of is that between Anti-Jared and Prior Fatgirl. The best part is charaity wins! Read all about this 60 minute challenge on April 20. Who couldn't use 4 miles (or more!) to add to their total AND support a good cause? Until then, let us know how you are doing, what you do to make sure you get your workout time in (finally worked in the image!) and your plans for next week. I just want to up my weekly total -even by 1 mile-  let's start there. I think week 8 of the couch to 5k and opening day for Little League is about all I can handle!

Cheers and get moving!
Allie and Jill

100 Mile Fitness Challenge 3 Sign-Ups

Welcome to Round 3 of the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge.

Six months ago, Trish posted this online fitness challenge after participating in a similar challenge through work.  She loved it and wanted to keep going personally, so she proposed her online buddies join her.  Now we are moving into the seventh month of the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge.

This round Trish is passing the hostessing torch on to two enthuastic participants: Enriched Mom (Allie) and Softdrink (Jill).

Enriched Mom (Allie) lives in Northern Virginia and is new to the blogging world. She is working on going from couch to 5k and her goal is to generally move more so she can have energy to keep up with her 2 kids. This challenge helped her do that through the cold winter months and she very much is looking forward to getting out in the spring weather!

Softdrink (Jill) lives on the Central Coast of California and was one of the very first people to sign up for the challenge in October 2009.  She even designed the lovely button you'll see displayed here at the blog and on other participant's blogs.  Oh ya, she also wrote the 100 Mile Fitness theme song: I Would Walk 100 Miles.

Here’s how it works:
In order to complete this Challenge, you will need to “travel” 100 miles from April 1 through June 30, 2010.  100 miles too easy for you?  (and really, it is easier than it sounds)  Sign up for 200 or even 300 miles!

Here's how you calculate your mileage:
*Running or walking 1 mile outside or on a treadmill equals 1 mile.

*15 minutes of other workouts equals 1 mile (elliptical, swimming, weight lifting, workout video, workout classes, etc.).

A few "workout" stipulations:“Workouts” only include activities specifically done for the purpose of exercise. Shopping, house cleaning, walking to and from the parking lot, and other day to day activities should not be included.

Partial miles travelled on different days cannot be combined. For example, if you run 1.25 miles on one day, and .75 mile on another day, that does not equal 2 miles. It counts as 1 mile.

Minutes accumulated on two different days cannot be combined. For example, if you workout 10 minutes one day and 5 minutes the next day, that does not combine to equal a mile.

1 mile on the bike or elliptical does not equal 1 mile, etc. Only walking/running is mile for mile.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I report my miles to you?
A: On Fridays a Progress Report will be posted.  You will report your "miles" in the comments section. Once you report, then your name will be added to the sidebar we will update your miles you each time you report. Ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of your total mileage.

Q: I just found your challenge and it’s already May, but I still want to join!
A: Well, then join! Ask how you can prorate your 100 miles.

Q: Why can't partial miles or minutes be counted?
A: Among other reasons, it will hopefully push you to complete that mile and gain more. You'll thank us in the end. :)

Sign Up Below--No Wallflowers Allowed! (You do not need a blog to participate--just put this blog's URL in the URL field if you don't have a blog).  Also list your mileage goal.  If you are going for 100 miles, add a (100) after your name like this: Trish (100).  If you are going for 200 miles: Trish (200), etc.

Wanna Help Motivate/Guest Post?
If you are interested in being a contributor to this blog--maybe workout tips, recipes, or other ideas, please let Jill know via [fizzybeverage] at gmail [dot] com

A few disclaimers:
1. We do not guarantee that you will lose weight or win your marathon if you do this challenge.
2. As with any new exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure it's okay you participate.
3. We hope you’ll have fun and maybe get/provide some moral support by participating.
4. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask at any time!

Monday, April 5, 2010

a few notes

Hello all you walkers and runners and other exercisers! I wanted to wish you all luck as we go into round 3 of the 100 Mile Challenge. Many thanks to Trish for getting this challenge off the ground and inspiring us to get moving! Other than adding the 200 mile option, Allie and I (Jill) are not planning any changes to the blog or the challenge, although we are open to suggestions. If you have input, just give us a holler through the comments, or by emailing me at fizzybeverage at gmail.

While Allie will be posting the weekly check-in posts, I’ll be updating everyone’s miles in the sidebar. I just wanted to let you know that I will most likely be doing this on weekends only, so please don’t expect instant updates! :-D

Also, I’m looking for people who’d like to contribute a guest post or two. You can share any fitness tips, or your work-out routine, or even a healthy recipe! Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks! And happy walking. Or running. Or yoga-ing. Or whatever.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Foolin! April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! Since we technically only have 1 day for this week, I wanted to challenge everyone to get at least 1 mile in. Let's start strong and enjoy the nice weather with a walk, bike ride or some jumping jacks in the park. Just get moving!
Let's kick off Challenge #3 with a bang!

Have a great day everyone and let us know how many miles you were able to do today!

Allie and Jill