Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get more from your walking workout

Hello my fitness warriors! Today, I'm here to talk about sprucing up your walking workouts. While, as my last post stated, it's not necessary to walk for this fitness challenge, walking is a great way to get in the miles. There are some great ways to make your walks fun and fit.

If you're on a treadmill, make the most of your workout by walking at an incline or adding some faster walking or jogging intervals. Have some fun watching a movie or listening to an audiobook or music. If no one's in the room - or perhaps even if they are - add some dance moves while you listen to that music (just be careful not to trip!!).

If you walk outside, see if you can find more than one path to walk, so you can vary up your workouts. Are there any places with hills or rough trails to add some challenge? Anywhere you can go with particularly beautiful scenery?

Are you up for a slightly harder workout? Try jogging a little sometimes as you go, and if jogging isn't your thing, you can get a much stronger cardio workout if you lift your knees into a low-level march or add some ankle or hand weights.

What other ideas do you all have for sprucing up your walking workouts?


M. Denise C. said...

I like to walk at a nature preserve near my house that has a cement walking path. You never know what kind of bugs or other creatures you might see. I have seen all kinds of weird spiders, turtles, an armadillo, some heron, and a snake. I try to vary where I walk by choosing different parks, too, so that I don't get bored.

Amy said...

I'm mainly a runner, but when I'm "not in the mood," I either grab some small weights and walk on the incline on the "dreadmill" (my name for the treadmill), OR do a power-walk outside. The stride is a bit different with power-walking, but a person can really clip along at a 12-13 minute mile pace versus a 14-15 minute pace with a more standard "normal" gait.

Anonymous said...

I love listening to podcasts on my walks. I've got some favorites that make my walks go by so fast: Books on the Nightstand and NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

I also have a mix of songs that keep me walking at a fast pace... but it's really had to not sing or start to dance along with the music!

Anonymous said...

I've got lots of different walking paths mapped out around my house. Half of them have pretty big hills. I save those for days that aren't too hot!

Unknown said...

I generally go for walk at the nature park near my house that has a cement walking path. I personally feel that going for walk is the best way out for getting a fit and healthy body. Thanks for sharing!

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