Tuesday, July 19, 2011


How many of you guys are up for running, or would like to learn to run? I didn't used to think I liked running. Actually, I downright loathed it! But after running regularly most of this year, I've come to realize that I actually love it now. Of course, I'm still slow and can't go far, but I'm improving, and you can too! There are many programs to help a runner begin.

C25K - Couch to 5K is a nine-week program that takes you from the bare minimums of running (one-minute intervals) to being able to run a full 30 minutes. Having completed this program once myself, I have a huge amount of faith in it! I still can't run a full 5K, because I'm a slow runner, but I'm getting closer! The C25K program is flexible - you can spend more than nine weeks if you'd like - and works to build you up gradually.

MiCoach - This program offers a variety of different running plans based on your fitness level. It works with your smart phone and tracks your progress through GPS and your heart rate.

Sparkpeople's Running Program - Sparkpeople has several plans for different levels of runners to train for a 5K distance. The programs are simple and gradually work your way up. Unlike programs such as the C25K, it has lower levels for people who prefer to keep working in walking/running intervals rather than building up to full runs.

Those are the three big ones out there that I know about, though I'm sure there are many more out there designed to help new runners. Anyone else out there know another to add to our resource list? Anyone else interested in running?


Anonymous said...

I'm actually thinking about taking up running... I hate it (traumas from highschool when we had to do Cooper test and got extra 'support lessons' when you didn't make it in time) but I've several people saying the same thing now ;)

Still, I think I would need a real couch first: someone to look at my posture & breathing.

Sally said...

This isn't exactly about running. Today at the gym, a personal trainer told me about a free website that he uses to keep track of his exercise, his nutrition, and his progress. It's called My Fitness Pal. He has it on his phone. I looked at the website and liked what I saw, so I joined today. Here's the link to it http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

Trying to keep moving despite the extreme heat here....

Anonymous said...

We're trying the Couch to 5K but it's taking us way longer than 9 weeks. I'm actually enjoying it, though, more than I thought I would. It's just been too hot lately to get out and do much.

Joy said...

I started running just about 3-4 months ago now. I ran my first ever 5 K on July 2! It's miserably hot here right now so I'm not running much at the moment but I hope to work up to a half marathon for Feb '13.