Monday, April 5, 2010

a few notes

Hello all you walkers and runners and other exercisers! I wanted to wish you all luck as we go into round 3 of the 100 Mile Challenge. Many thanks to Trish for getting this challenge off the ground and inspiring us to get moving! Other than adding the 200 mile option, Allie and I (Jill) are not planning any changes to the blog or the challenge, although we are open to suggestions. If you have input, just give us a holler through the comments, or by emailing me at fizzybeverage at gmail.

While Allie will be posting the weekly check-in posts, I’ll be updating everyone’s miles in the sidebar. I just wanted to let you know that I will most likely be doing this on weekends only, so please don’t expect instant updates! :-D

Also, I’m looking for people who’d like to contribute a guest post or two. You can share any fitness tips, or your work-out routine, or even a healthy recipe! Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks! And happy walking. Or running. Or yoga-ing. Or whatever.


Kimberly said...

So happy you two are continuing the challenge! I DID send in my update last week...although I'm not expecting an instant update, I just want to be sure you have me in your list (Kimberly - Garden in Paradise). I only did 1 mile last week but have added on since. :) Thanks so much, again, for continuing the challenge and keeping our butts motivated!

Juliann said...

thanks for keeping this challenge going - I did get in my 2 miles on April 1 but I need to pick up my pace to get in my 200 miles this time around

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Last round I asked people to give me their favorite workout videos. I had a few people email me with ideas but I didn't have the time to put it in a post. Eventually I'd like to post about this as I know I'm always on the look out for great workout videos (for those rainy days or when it's just too much to get to the gym). Not today--just sayin'. :)

Thanks so much for taking this you guys. You're doing a spectacular job so far. Now if I can just get my butt in gear to get a few miles!