Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's Get it Started! (The Plan...ish)

First, WOW! Thanks so much for signing up for the challenge and for helping spread the word. I knew I could probably twist a few arms, especially my loving family members’, but I’m thrilled you guys want to travel 100 miles with me!

Keeping Track of Progress
In terms of tracking progress, a few of you have asked if there will be a weekly roundup. I wasn’t initially sure how I felt about this as I don’t want to put anyone on the spot, but my mom says I need to hold you lot accountable. Yes, I’m 28 and still listen to my mom. Don’t you? :)

I’ve listed all participants on the right side bar. Each Friday I’ll do a round up post where you can report your miles. Once you report your miles, I'll add them to the right side bar. If you do not want your miles listed there, please let me know either privately or in the comments. Remember that it's ultimately your responsibility to make sure that I have tallied your miles correctly (see the picture below for how I keep track of my miles).

Exercise Journal
Author Invitations
On a final note, I’ve extended author invitations to a few people who are interested. If you have an idea for posting and would like to be an author, please let me know in the comments. I’ll need your email address to send you the invitation. Some ideas are workout tips, motivation points, healthy eating recipes (although this is not a diet challenge, just fitness), etc. Even if you don’t have any desire to post anything, if you have ideas I’d love to hear them.

Thanks again for signing up. We’ll show all those people who say 100 miles is crazy!


Amanda said...

I like the idea of listing out our miles! (And I love being labled "ZL" Amanda, hee hee!)

Sandy Nawrot said...

I added a widget in my sidebar that I will update every day with my miles to date! I don't mind you making me accountable...that keeps us honest and motivated! I actually did sit down and crunch the numbers, and this should be totally doable. When I walk, it is usually 4 or 5 miles at a time. You only have to do 8 miles a week to accomplish the goal! I may even try for 150 miles!

~Ms. Lubin~ said...

If you want to make this really fun, visit, and get all sorts of goodies along your journey!

Kara Lubin
Founder, The 100 Mile Club®

serendipity_viv said...

I am happy to have my scores put up in the side bar.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

*Amanda - LOL--I can use your last initial if you want, but I just used ZL for Zen Leaf. :)

*Sandy - Awesome! Go for those 150 miles!!

*Kara - Thanks for the link!!

*Vivienne - I'll keep the tally--I suspect most won't report in. That's OK, though.

Anonymous said...

I need to be held accountable.
If not, I won't do it.
Seeing it listed is just the incentive I need.

Ceri said...

I'm so excited about this. It's just the push I need to get on my treadmill every day. :-D I'm happy to have my miles put up too :-)

Eva said...

Sounds like a great plan!

I totally ask my mom for advice all the time. :) And it's always good! (...except, we live together right now, so if I ask her how my clothes look and there are ANY kind of mixed patterns, even a striped shirt w/ pinstripe pants, she give me a Look, lol)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

*Vicki, Ceri, Eva - Here I am holding you accountable. :)