Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Go-To Ingredients

For something different, let’s talk about healthy recipes.

Do you have an ingredient that you rely on? For me, it’s veggie broth. The canned kind, because I’m lazy like that. If you’re not concerned with sodium content, it’s a healthy and flavorful substitute for water. I happen to prefer Swansons, and I promise I’m not getting any kick-backs from the company!

I use it in all sorts of dishes…when sautéing veggies, as a base for soups (particularly minestrone and split pea), whenever I cook rice, and for black beans (simmer a bag of black beans in 4-5 cans of broth for about 1 ½ hours, add some garlic salt, and pretend you’re eating either refried beans or black bean soup).

How about you? Do you have a secret, healthy ingredient that you can’t live without?


Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

This sounds really silly, but water. I try to drink as much as it as I can. I can't remember when I stopped ordering sodas at restaurants, etc, but it's been years and water is just as refreshing as that coke (although I do love a limeade from Sonic now and then). When soda drinkers I know are trying to shed a few pounds, that's the first thing I tell them to lose.

I also try to use olive oil where I can instead of other types of cooking oils.

apple blossom said...

My secret ingredient would be onion. I don't know that I cook anything without it. Onion is just a stable for me.

I move my challenge outside this week.
Got 8 total points for the week
54 total for the whole challenge so far.

posted here

Juliann said...

I had a slow week - too many evening and after work meetings - only 13 miles.

I am a big time salad eater - have one for lunch at least 5 days a week. What got me hooked on salads was goat cheese and berries. I add these to spinich or lettuce and then see what else I can find to jazz it up - chicken, avacado, apple, craisins, nuts. Helps me stay away from the junk in the middle of the day.

Amanda D said...

Lately my secret ingredient has been frozen blueberries. I add them to my yogurt with granola for a parfait, they go in my smoothies to cover the spinach and I snack on them plain too.

Brooke said...

I love love love feta cheese. It has really helped me eat more salads during lunch/dinner. When I feel like something super sweet, I love to add flavors to my water. They really make me feel like I am drinking something with a ton of sugar. Also, strawberries make me feel like I am eating bad because they are so good.

I got 12 miles this week for a total of 73 miles to date.

Kimberly said...

I love green onion in almost everything! I also spice up tuna salad pita sandwiches with a bit of curry or corriander (not too much...just a touch for taste).

I added 12 miles this week for a total of 71 accumulated miles to date.

Sally said...

I appreciate yogurt. I use it instead of mayo in alot of recipes. I love yogurt and granola for breakfast. And when I'm hungry for ice cream in the evening, I will sometimes substitute yogurt with some sliced fresh fruit for the ice cream.

Add 15 miles for week #7 for a total of 65 miles. I'm starting to see some weight loss, thanks in part to this challenge. YAY!

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