Sunday, March 7, 2010

Motivational Giveaway!

Need a little motivation to get you through the last few weeks of the challenge? I was approached by Dana who has an Etsy shop, Words to Sweat By, devoted to motivational towels. Dana has offered up two towels to a lucky winner--one towel to keep and one towel to pass on to someone else who might need a little extra motivation.

How to Win:

*Head over to Dana's Etsy shop and report back here in the comments which towel strikes your motivation (or exercise funny bone)

*Tell us in the comments what motivates your exercising and how you can help motivate others. If you'd like to write up a short post on your own blog, I'd love that too--just leave us the link.

I'll draw a winner at random on March 17th so you have until then to complete your mission.

You must be an active participant in the challenge in order to contend for the drawing--I want to support you guys who have taken the time to report your miles throughout the challenge.

(I'll need a way of getting ahold of you if you're the winner, so if you don't have an email listed on your blog or profile, please leave your email below).


Chrisbookarama said...

The cupcake one is my favorite though I do like "No jiggle in the wiggle" one too.

What motivates me is thinking that I feel and look better after I exercise and that those results fade fast if I don't keep it up. If you work hard at something, you don't want to lose it.

chrisbookarama at gmail dot com

Kimberly said...

Hey, Trish! I like the "There will be no more jiggle in my wiggle" towel. Reminds me of doing puchups to kick the lower arm jiggles to the curb! The "10 more reps and the cupcake is gone" is a cute one too.
Fun give-away!
- Kimberly (Garden in Paradise)

Unknown said...

What a cute idea! I love the Exert, Hydrate, Repeat towel. I am running a Ragnar Relay this summer, where you run 3 times in just over 24 hours, so this would be awesome!

kissyjensen at gmail dot com

Shore Debris said...

I like "healthy strong happy"

I feel like that is why I am working out... to be healthy, which will make me strong, and in turn I will be happy which are the exact reason's I workout. [That and the fantasies I have about picking up a car by myself and moving it... yes, I am weird.]

apple blossom said...

"C" is for crunches not cookies

I spend time listening to a CD book on my player while I'm exercising.

Thanks for the challenge.

apple--blossom [at] hotmail [dot]com

Carin said...

Hi Trish! I love this idea. Thanks to you and Dana for this motivational giveaway!

I wrote a post on my blog about the giveaway and my comments about what motivates me. You can view the post HERE.

I really like the "10 More Reps and This Cupcake is History" towel. That is totally my philosophy of exercising! I still indulge quite a bit in stuff like that and often think of that while I'm exercising!