Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's not always easy, but neither are chores...

To workout or not to workout, that is the question.

Of course the obvious answer, as we are all participating in a challenge based around exercise and fitness, is to workout. Get moving, be active, etc, etc, etc…

For some of us, it’s just not that easy. For me, at least, exercise is that part of the day I dread. I think about it for awhile, and groan in frustration, wondering why no one has created a way for you to hire some crazy fitness fanatic to exercise for you where they can burn calories for you and love life as they create more and more endorphins.

I know what some of you are thinking. You think I haven’t gotten into the groove or found the perfect fit, but I’m highly suspect of such notions.  No matter how many times a trainer or Bob Harper on the Biggest Loser or some random person on the street tells me, “Once you get started, you’ll totally love it,” I do not find exercise enjoyable. I try new things, I attempt to add in adventure (if you can call a trail in your local park adventurous), and I continue to find that exercise is grueling and evil.  Obviously created to remind humans that we are bad and deserve to be punished.

So why do it?  I do it because I have to. I mean, no one is holding me down to the exercise mat and forcing my legs to kick against my will, but I realize that the key to my goals involves being active. It’s one of those necessities in life like working, paying taxes, and laundry.  Unavoidable unless you want to become a blubbering mess.

Yeah, I make it sound really appealing. I’m like that blind date who starts out with things like “I keep heads in my freezer.”

All of that said, I wouldn’t change the fact that I workout for anything. As much I complain and fret about the hour or two of hell that awaits me with a bootcamp workout or a run in less-than-stellar weather, I do like the positive effects it has on my body and my life. I'm happier overall.  It’s made me more confident in myself. It makes me feel stronger and healthier.  And the best part, I can make it up more flights of stairs without getting winded than my super-skinny friend.

How do I do it, considering how much I hate it?  I have a few small post-it notes with the all the positives that exercise does add to my life, a reminder for those days when I’m really ready to give up or especially cursing my trainer when he says, “Just one more rep.” I suggest you do the same. Prepare one or two reasons why you workout and on those days when your mind is plotting against you, take a look at it.

In the end, feel free to remember me, and know that if I can get up at 6am on a Saturday and get exercise in, anyone can.



Sandy Nawrot said...

Since January 4th, my big motivator has been a competitive diet where you get points for exercising 6 days a week. But now that I have had that forced upon me, I'm in the groove now. I listen to my audio books if I am walking, or read if I am on the elliptical. It is now my "me" time.

Juliann said...

Once I get started, I do love exercise but it is getting going that is hard. Get home from work, tired, just wanting to have a cup of tea and read a book. But then I see something like your post and I know that I just need to stand up, put on the dvd or get my shoes and go for a walk. I needed this today - thanks

ladydi said...

I actually don't hate it either, once I get going. Getting going is the hardest part for all of us, I'm sure. Today, for example, I have to be at work (on my day off!) at noon, and before that I have to put a birthday dinner for my son in the crock pot so it will be ready when I get home. I also have to bake a cake. And exercise!

Kimberly said...

My motivation has been the 7 miles that stood between me and the last 100 mile challenge. I am very competitive with myself...I hate to fail, so this is my #1 motivator!!! I've also kept in the groove with our new Wii...great fun!
(Garden in Paradise)